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Handel Amsterdam


Offices, hospitality







3 connected office pavilions in Amsterdam's Zuidas


Handel Amsterdam is a special, modern and high quality office building in the green zone of the Zuidas. The building consists of three pavilions, which houses various companies and are connected to a long walk called the Aorta. This Aorta can be reached from the heart of the building: the reception room with shared reception.

Due to the playful spatial situation of the pavilions, the use of many glass and thoughtful indoor and outdoor lighting, it is a remarkable, attractive building that invites you to enter. Via the double glazed door, visitors access the building through the wide glass windows to the main hall. This also serves as an entrance, with shared reception, for the office owners, called “residents”, and her visitors. Inside you will find a warm and stylish catering area of ​​the independent CoffeeMania operator. Founded in 2010, this is now the 5th establishment. “The office that feels like home” is therefore an appropriate statement for the building.

Handel Amsterdam was named as one of the top 10 office buildings in the Netherlands in 2016 by Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad.


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